How It Comes Into Being - The JBLMNHS History

JBLMNHS Grand Opening

Recognizing the great need of a secondary school in the barangay, the deeply concerned Hon. Jean Oquendo Rodriguez who was then the Mayor of Balete, initiated a plan of putting up the school together with Mrs. Elna Perez Beltran and Mr. Abundio R. Guadalupe who worked on the papers for the approval of the proposal. Although there was already a private secondary school in the town proper, they found the idea to be useful for the young people of Aranas who endured to walk on the farthest road to town every morning and afternoon just to acquire knowledge in education. The Board of Directors was then elected. Late Melgasbal Legaspi Oquendo, heading the Board of Directors together with some kindhearted individuals who gave some financial support, hardly worked together to make the dreamed school exist verity.

JBLMNHS Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

It was in June, 1981 that this dream had come into reality when construction of building was started and after a month, two rooms and an office made of light materials (coconut lumber, bamboos, nipa) stood with an artistic design. The 94 pioneer students and a pioneer teacher, Mrs. Editha D. Apruebo who entered one month ahead of Mrs. Nenette U. Rubihid have spent a month classes at the elementary school until the construction was finished. Mr. Abundio R. Guadalupe, who was the Principal of Aranas Elementary School that time was the pioneer Assistant Principal of the school. September 27, 1981 marked its 1st Foundation Day and Jose Borromeo Legaspi Memorial Barangay High School become its name to honor the donor of the lot, Late Jose Borromeo Legaspi, father of Atty. Lealtad R. Legaspi, who never fails to attend as guest of some important occassions such as Foundation and Graduation Days of the school.

Finally, the school was officially opened with a complete secondary course curriculum in 1983. After a year, construction of three rooms was made. Few months after its completion, the pioneering rooms which were just made of light materials were destroyed by the tremendous typhoon Undang. A year after, another two rooms were constructed which were connected to the three room buildings. Four years after, the T.H.E. building was erected and then another building follows after a year.

JBLMNHS Grand Opening Parade

Bulk of students studying in the school are residents of barangay Aranas. Other students come from its neighboring villages and towns (barangay Cortes, Guanko, Oquendo, Morales of Balete, and barangay Lalab of Batan.

Going back, this school has started in just a simple way of studies with insufficient books and inadequate school facilities such as chairs, tables, etc. But as the years passed by, with the diligence of the school head and cooperation of the PTA officials and teachers as well as of the students, it has continued its existence and lots of improvements have occured. Before, it was just a mountainous jungle, but now it is already a well-structured school with a well managed surroundings and most of all, it is now a National High School.


This article entitled "JBLMNHS: How It Comes Into Being" was originally written by Abigail B. Damian.
Published on SPARKS - Vol.1 No.1 Page 19.

Photo credits to Wellan B. Damian.


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