The JBLMNHS School Seal


The boldfaced Jose Borromeo Legaspi Memorial National High School prominently arching across the entire facet of the emblem symbolizes the "whole being" of the institution. It is also a tribute to the late Jose Borromeo Legaspi, the owner and donor of the land where the school is situated.

The Open Book establishes the institution as the place where vast knowledge and wisdom can be gained through various disciplines.

The Torch signifies the enlightenment that the school gives to the community. Its radiant glare that flares unceasingly represents the institution and its faculties commitment to provide formal education for the community.

The Yellow Ribbon embossed with "Founded 1981" marks the school's humble beginnings and recognizes its continuing struggle to fulfill its mission .

The two intertwined Laurels stand for the achievements that the institution, its faculty, its student body and its alumni have acquired, accomplished or attained.

The Ropes enclosing the inner and outer border of the seal unravels the strong bonds existing within the institution. The inner rope depicts the teacher-student affinity. The outer rope portrays the school and community alliance.

The inscribed Aranas, Balete, Aklan pinpoints the school's geographical location.


Conceptualized by: Hercules L. Antonio Jr.
Contributed on Wikipedia through the JBLMNHS page.


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