The JBLMNHS Alumni Association Seal

JBLMNHS Alumni Association Seal

The name Jose Borromeo Legaspi Memorial National High School Alumni Association arching across the entire facet of the logo is the proud identity of the organization.

The two Stars represent the Parents and Teachers that guides and teach JBLMNHS Alumni to be better and educated persons.

The Nine Human Figures with different colors and each marked with the nine letter acronym of the association's name symbolizes the JBLMNHS Alumni. Each have their own personality and traits but all carries on themselves the colllective knowledge, values, ideals and aspirations that a JBLian learns from their Alma Mater.

The motto United in Principles, United in Actions is the spirit cultivated among the members of the group. Each Alumni is urge to do their share with a solemn sense of responsibility, sincerity and dedication.

The term Since 1997 marks as the organization's humble beginning.

The Open Hands carrying the logo conveys the association's mission of caring and giving back for the school.

The Blue Ribbon inscribed with "The Vanguard of Thy Future" evoke each alumni's pledge to keep alive their love and loyalty to their Alma Mater, and to keep her good name and integrity untarnished.


Conceptualized by: Hercules L. Antonio Jr.
Contributed on Wikipedia through the JBLMNHS page.


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Messages for JBLians

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Date Posted: Aug 11, 2018 - 04:33:11 AM

To Herly: The genius behind this website... Agahan ko na ngayon ang birthday greetings ko kasi parang laging late ang greetings ko sa iyo. I hope I get the date right this time. Ang alam ko ngayon ay August 18 ang birthday mo Herl... I hope correct na this time.... Herl, Advanced happy birthday. Wishing you good health at all times so you can enjoy the love of your family and the wonderful blessings that is in store for you. God bless you, Joanne and Elisse.